Aime Delattre


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I created this hand drawn animation as a student at Bradley University. The project was meant to portray a somber story in just five seconds.

I decided to show a mama bear and her cub being separated because the lonely feeling that follows this separated is a common human emotion. Whether it's breaking up, moving away, a death, or some other misfortunate event, everyone has felt this somber feeling when they lose a person they cared about.

Adobe After Effects

  • The Process

    I began by sketching out different versions of cartoon bears that were both adorable and easy to draw over one-hundred times. I had only a week to finish and five seconds to tell my story. To ensure that I used my time and frames efficiently, I planned out every aspect of the film using a dope sheet. After drawing on each of the 150 frames, I used a camera rig to document every image to later be edited in After Effects.