Aime Delattre

Planetarium Dome Experience

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I created this film while I was a student at Bradley University. Knowing that Planetariums project a starry sky, I began the audience’s adventure in a star field. This would ease the transition from the Planetarium’s introduction into my work. Since the Planetarium’s surface creates a more immersive experience for viewers, I designed this video to take audiences on an adventure through space.

Adobe Illustrator and After Effects

  • The Process

    During the weeks leading up to the project’s deadline, I met with the museum staff and received feedback on my progress. Knowing that this video would be used for the planetariums’ unique surface, the video had to be crafted to best fit the round, dome shape.

    My creativity in this project stems from where this project was going to be displayed and viewed. Considering Planetariums project stars, planets, and constellations onto the inner surface of the dome, I thought it would be fitting to work that into my experience. In order to amplify this immersive experience, I gave viewers the illusion of going lightspeed through space and then entering a series of wormholes.