Aime Delattre

Great American Eclipse of 2017

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This project was intended to inform viewers about the Great American Eclipse of 2017, covering where the Eclipse can be seen, how to safely view it, as well as, the science behind the celestial event.

This video was uploaded to the Peoria Riverfront Museums’ social media platforms and was featured, before every showing, in their Giant Screen Theater. A section of it was even featured on the local news.

Adobe Illustrator and After Effects

  • The Process

    We began by working through countless scripts and storyboard revisions. When we became incapable of finding imperfections in the script, we began testing the understandability and flow on a diverse group of people.

    With only a month and a half to create this video, we chose to use a simple style that would be done in a timely manner while still being attractive to the viewer’s eye. We wanted the film to have a light, family friendly feel for our desired audience so we decided on this color pallet and flat design style.