Aime Delattre

Just a littleabout me

I’m an animator & designer focused on making the best experiences for all audiences.

For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed making art. However; after adding motion into my pieces, I found that I could impact viewers on a completely different level. I discovered this when I made my first hand drawn animation, and realized that each frame worked together to convey emotion in a more memorable way... as opposed to a what a single frame/image can.

Upon realizing this, I reflected on how I've seen animation used throughout my life, and although there is a ton of great work out there, a lot of my childhood was full of boring educational videos or some daft television shows. Knowing this, I saw a missed opportunity to teach and embed knowledge into another human’s mind in a positive way. This is what made me first fall in love with animation.

Since then, I continue to grow and learn about innovative and exciting ways to engage the human mind, and amplify the experience of my audiences.